AEE 666: How to Talk About Your Cravings in a Colorful Way in English

Do you crave certain foods?

I always crave salt.

Do you give in to your cravings? Do you know how to talk about them in conversations with native speakers?

How can you say you really want something in a more interesting way in English than saying  “I want…”? 

You’ll find out today.

When do we talk about cravings in English?

You might use these phrases when you are getting ready to go out and eat with a native English speaking friend.

To help decide where to go you can share what you are craving.


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How to talk about your cravings:

  • “I’ve got a craving for Mexican food!”
  • “I could really go for french fries!”
  • “I would kill for a chocolate cookie right about now” 
  • “I’ve got a hankering for some macaroni and cheese” : This one might be used more often with older generations but it’s good for you to know what it means.


What questions do you have from today?

Tell us what you are craving right now in the comments below.

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  • There’s no better place to crave for learning English than All Ears English . So many craving phrases to treat yourself with desire and addition . Pouring them into your world .
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  • Miki

    Hello from Japan! From Miki
    I have started to listen this pod cast lately. This is exactly the program which I have always been looking for! I’ll SERIOUSLY subscribe this. Haha. And I’m so excited to hear that one of you are coming to Japan! How was your trip?

  • Rana

    I really appreciate you Lindsay, and Michelle. It is extremely awesome

  • Thanks Rana! We are happy to have you as a listener.

  • Hi! She is still there. Please leave recommendations for where she should visit in Japan. Thanks!

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