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understand modern day racism in the US

In the United States we have a history of racial discrimination and prejudice.

Today these issues are coming to a climax with violence toward black men and women from police officers in the United States. This issue also ties in with the gun debate in the US.

However, to understand what’s going on today we have to look at history.

We have to understand how slavery came to be and the full picture of what’s happened in the past between different races in the United States.

Conversation topics today are connected to history and if you want to be able to communicate with native speakers about heavy topics like this one then you need to take in the context of the whole situation.


A sneak peak into what’s coming soon:

In the new course that we will be releasing soon I interviewed a tour guide in the southern city of Natchez.

The conversation that I had with him was helpful to be able to make connections between what happened in the past and what’s going on today.

We have taken this conversation and created a lesson to help you connect with natives today by understanding the context of slavery and the history of the American south.


What you’ll get in this lesson:

  • Learn about how families and upbringing and lack of education allowed slavery to happen
  • See the famous plantation houses of the American south
  • Hear how slaves connected with the families that they worked for
  • Find out what role religion played in the days of slavery
  • Hear southern American English accents and build skills to understand people from the south


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What questions do you have from today?

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