AEE 756: Get the Edge You Need in Your Next Professional Interview with Julie

Are you ready for your next professional interview?

Does your business English teacher have the experience they should in the real business world?

Today you’ll meet Julie who comes from a corporate background and she’ll show us how NOT to get nervous in your next interview.


  • Come prepared: Anticipate the questions that you will be asked. Learn about the company. Try not to sound rehearsed but know the material well.


  • Listen and ask questions: If there is a question that you don’t understand it’s okay to ask the interview, “Oh, did you mean __?” and rephrase the question. It’s important to show that you are curious and that you are selective about all of your opportunities. You are also checking out the company while they check you out.


  • Be aware of what’s going on around you: Be spontaneous and pivot if needed. Look at the response that the interviewer has when you’ve answered a question. Look at their tone and body language. This will give you the chance to dig more if they don’t look thrilled with your answer. It’s a way to be present and address anything that is missing in what you have shared.



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Julie’s advice:

Have a peptalk with yourself before you go in. Remember that interviewers aren’t looking for your langauge skills. They are looking for someone who has great skills and can communicate those skills.


How to get a lesson with Julie:

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Julie’s Bio:

Julie is an International Business Consultant with an MBA who worked around the globe from her native Canada to the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Spain, and Hungary. 

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