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how to end your presentation in EnglishHere is part 2 of our interview with Carl Kwan. In this section, you’ll learn how to end your presentation in English!

Get Carl’s final 2 tips to help you end your presentation with a bang! You can also learn how to start your presentation in English with Carl here.


What should we try to do when we are presenting?

Figure out what the challenge is that your audience is facing. What is their problem? Structure your presentation in this way:

  • Introduce your problem or challenge
  • Show the consequences of not solving it
  • Show how to solve the problem


How can we deal with questions?

  • Prepare in advance for the possible questions that may be asked. Prepare for questions like you would prepare for a job interview.
  • At the beginning of the presentation, let people know when they should ask questions. Should they ask during the presentation or will you take questions at the end?
  • Don’t end the presentation with Q and A (questions and answers). Why? When you do that, you don’t get a chance to end the presentation properly. End the presentation with your call to action. What should the audience do? How can they implement what you have presented?

Carl Kwan English Presentations ExpertCarl Kwan is a presentations, video and marketing consultant with an MBA who also has over 10 years experience as an ESL teacher.

Carl was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Vancouver, Canada at age 3. Like many immigrants, his parents always struggled with English.

This eventually led him to pursue teaching English to help people like his mom and dad.

Since 2009 he has produced presentations videos. Currently, his YouTube Channel has more than 120 videos on presentations.

Carl lives in Seoul, South Korea with his wife and son. He offers presentations workshops and consulting, he produces live and animated videos for business owners and works as a professional voice actor and radio personality.

He believes that everyone deserves a chance at success. To learn more about Carl, please visit his website at, check out his videos on YouTube or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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