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how to use the word Even in English chunks

Do you know how to use the word “even”?

Do you know how to use English chunks with “even”?

In today’s episode we’ll show you how to use some popular English chunks with the word “even.”


Let’s start with a role play:

  • Michelle how was your thanksgiving?
  • Mine was okay but I didn’t feel satisfied because I didn’t even get to have apple pie.


Let’s see a question from a listener:

Hello girls!!! First of all I love you girls.

So I have one question since I saw this word at the first time, when do I use “even”? What does it mean? I searched and found it as many translations now I’m really confused 🙁 please make a video about that!!!

Your videos have helped me a lot to improve and thanks for alll

Marcelo Carvalho


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Great question.

This is a tough word.

It doesn’t have to be that tough though.

It seems to be elusive for a lot of students.

I just noticed that my niece has started using it and she is using it pretty much correctly.

We have already covered this word here


Today we’ll show you a few fun expressions that you will hear that involve the word “even” and all of its meanings.

It’s all about using the chunks if you want to connect.


Here they are:

  • To get even: To even the score or to get revenge. Someone did something and you want to “get even.” This could be lighthearted, could be joking or could be more serious as in the expression, ” Don’t get mad, get even”
    • A: I heard John drank the last of your egg nog.
    • B: Yeah I told him to save it for me.
    • A: Well what are you gonna do to get even?


  • “I can’t even”: Americans use this phrase when they are responding to something that is so shocking that they can’t even express it. 


  • Even so: We use “even so” to make a contrast to mean ‘despite something.’ It has a similar meaning to “however” or “nevertheless.” It can be used in the middle of the sentence such as, “It was good to get out of the house for a walk, but even so, I got tired.” It can also be used at the end: “I know you don’t get along with your cousin but you should be kind to her even so.”


  • Not even: Going back to the old episode it means something that’s surprising and is less or more than expected.
    • A: How hard is it to qualify for the Olympics
    • B: Not even the best of the best are guaranteed a spot. 



Choose one, go out and implement.

Take action.

We’ll finish today with a Tony Robbins quote: “The path to success is to take massive, determined actions.” — Tony Robbins


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