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future tense English

AEE 949: Grammar, Tone, and the Future Tense

Do you get confused when native speakers use the future tense? Is it sometimes confusing when native speakers use different forms of grammar to express an action in the future. For example, a native speaker could say: “we will be refunding you” or “we will… Read More

how to build a great connection in English- makes someone tick

AEE 948: How to Find Out What Makes Someone Tick in English

What is the secret to sparking a good conversation in English? How can you get people to enjoy your company in English? What can you talk about when you’re getting to know somebody? You need to “makes a person tick.” Today we’ll show the most… Read More

use word away to convey forward movement in English

AEE 947: One Simple Word to Add Momentum to Your English Conversations

Have you ever heard somebody use “away” in a manner that you didn’t quite understand? Think of an example such as hearing somebody say that they were going to “work away until they got it done.” You probably know what “away” means, but not necessarily in this… Read More

friendship Americans

AEE 946: A Low-Risk Way to Move from Friendly Conversation to Friendship in English

Do you ever struggle to figure out when is the best time in English to ask for more time together? It can be hard to know what steps to take when you are interacting with American people because of cultural differences. Have you ever heard… Read More

AEE Bonus: Live Recording from Tokyo Power English Weekend

Today is a very special episode! You will get to hear the voices of our students at the Tokyo Power English Weekend. During our Informal Happy Hour we performed a Live Podcast Recording. We had tons of fun! We learned 4 new phrases to start… Read More