Aubrey Carter
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Jessica Beck
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Did you know that you might have to share an embarrassing moment on IELTS Speaking?

Today you’ll hear our sample Part 2 and Part 3 answers on this topic.

You’ll also get to laugh along with us at our memories.

Many of us aren’t around strangers these days if we’re quarantining.

You may not have been embarrassed lately because of this.

Our sample answers may help you remember embarrassing moments from your past!

It’s a doozy!

Aubrey describes her embarrassing moment as a doozy.

This noun is used to describe anything that was outstanding or unique.

doozy – something meaningful or memorable

This takes the sting out of something negative or bad.

That was a doozy!

#1: Part 2 Question: Describe an embarrassing moment

Describe a time when you felt embarrassed.

Aubrey shares a story that happened at SeaWorld when she was 12 years old.

She provides some background about this trip to California.

She then shares a hilarious story about sitting on a boy dressed as a stuffed whale.

  • plopped: sat quickly
  • mortified: extreme embarrassment

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How to use the past perfect to set up a story

Notice how Aubrey sets up the story using the past perfect tense.

She provides detail about what her family had done before going to SeaWorld.

We had gone to Disneyland.

Use the past perfect to describe what you had done before the story you are sharing.

What is the benefit to sharing personal stories?

It’s easier to share details about personal memories.

It also shows that you realize you are fallible.

Being a real, authentic person is how you sound more like a native.

It’s endearing to laugh at yourself.

  • self-deprecating humor: making fun of yourself

How are Part 2 and Part 3 questions related?

Part 3 questions have the same topic as your IELTS Part 2 question.

The difference is that Part 2 is much more personal.

It will be describing something you have personally experienced.

You’ll want to share a story to fill the 2 minutes with high scoring details.

For Part 3, the topic will be the same but the questions will be more general about society or the world.

Though not directly about yourself, you can still use personal memories to support your opinions.

Your answers in Part 3 won’t be a full 2 minutes.

They’ll be closer to one minute.

#2: Part 3 question: children vs. adults

Are children more likely to feel more embarrassed than adults?

Jessica talks about how children aren’t yet worried about what people think of them.

Therefore, they’re less likely to feel embarrassed.

If we’re talking about little little kids…

Natives often do this, repeating an adjective for emphasis.

They stress the second adjective more.

This gives you a great chance to boost your Pronunciation score, as your intonation will be interesting and varied.

#3: Part 3 question: technology and embarrassment

Has technology made people more embarrassed than in the past?

Jessica discusses how different the world is with social media.

Technology has created so many more opportunities to feel embarrassed.

She uses great, high level vocabulary.

  • adolescents / pre-teens: teenagers
  • enmeshed: involved in, caught up in
  • amplified: made stronger
  • cut and dry: idiom meaning clear or understandable


You might be asked on IELTS to describe a time you felt embarrassed.

This could come up as a Part 2 question or in Part 3.

You can also share embarrassing moments for Part 1 answers.

Don’t be afraid to poke fun at yourself.

Share your own embarrassing stories in the comments!

It’s endearing and will set you apart.

For more strategies, sign up for our study system 3 Keys IELTS!

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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