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On today’s Tear Up Your Textbook Tuesday, Lindsay and Michelle tell you how to talk about the future the way native speakers do!


Usually English textbooks tell you to talk about the future using ‘will’ and ‘going to’.

These work, but native English speakers also do it by using the progressive tense.

To native ears, this is a more natural and conversational way to talk.


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how to talk about your future plans in English

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Here are some examples of conversation about the future using the progressive tense:

  • “What are you having for dinner?”
  • “Tonight I’m having chicken.”


  • “Are you bringing anything?”
  • “I’m bringing wine.”


  • “What are you doing tomorrow?”
  • “I’m going to see a movie.”


Note that all of these conversations are talking about the future, not the immediate moment.


What are you doing tomorrow?

What are you doing next week?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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