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correct English sentence

Do you make mistakes in your sentences when you write emails in English?

We received an email from someone and we noticed a few key mistakes. We want to correct those mistakes now and make sure that you don’t make these mistakes yourself!

Here is the sentence: “Kindly, what about the price of one session?”


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Two ways to improve this sentence:

  • Using “Kindly”: When you use “kindly” it sounds old fashioned. My grandmother used to say “kindly bring me my sherry.”Instead of “kindly” you could start the sentence by saying:
    • “Would you mind telling me the price?”
    • “Could you tell me the price?”
    • “What is the price?”
    • “Do you mind telling me?”
  • Using “What about…”: When you say this it’s being used at the wrong time. “What about” is used as a follow up question and not as the first question. You need more context to ask this question.

Listen to the conversation examples in the episode to see how to use “what about” correctly.


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