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"The English Adventurer"

express uncertainty in English

What’s the last frustrating thing that’s happened to you?

Does it sometimes feel as if bad luck always comes your way?

You can either laugh or cry when weird coincidences strike, and sometimes being sarcastic is the way to go.

Today we’re going to help you to understand a sarcastic phrase and how to use it in the right situations.


The Right Phrase Can Work Well In Conversation

We’ve all had those days and certain challenges that you just have to laugh at.

So we’re going to focus on a phrase that’s often used in a sarcastic way.

The phrase is: “It’s always an adventure”.

You’ve likely heard this in conversation, but may not have been sure of what exactly it meant.

When you look it up, you often see adorable signs of it being used in a sincere way.

You might hear something like “It’s always an adventure with you.”

In a sincere way, it means that everything is always fun and new things are always happening.

It can mean more than that though.


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Using This Phrase In A Different Way

Though there is a sincere meaning to it, there is also a much more sarcastic and fun way to use it too.

It’s a great phrase to use to express your frustration with a system, dealing with a person, or some challenging situation.

We talk about not complaining, but sometimes it’s good to connect with people by commenting on these things.

Sarcastically, it means–it’s always frustrating, crazy, unbelievable, or something to that effect.

An example might be something like “I didn’t get in until really late yet again. It’s always an adventure with public transportation.”

This is a phrase that can be changed so much based on tone and context.


Similar Phrases Convey The Same Feelings

There are a lot of phrases like this that help to convey frustration but in a more upbeat and sarcastic way.

These are typical in everyday conversation, and so they can be good to get used to hearing and using yourself.

Here are some other ways to express a similar feeling.

  • (it’s/there’s) Never a dull moment: It means the same type of thing. This is usually used right in the moment when something unusual or frustrating occurs.
    • “She forgot her purse and it’s chaos over there. I tell you, there’s never a dull moment with her.”
  • (it/he/she/etc) Keeps things interesting : In this context interesting isn’t really sincere. This usually is meant in a sarcastic way and can help to explain the inexplicable. This is definitely used in a very sarcastic way because it can mean interesting is not a good thing.
    • “That restaurant was awful, I don’t know why she picked it. She really likes to keep things interesting.”
  • Keeps (someone) on (my, his, her, etc) toes: This is to say that this person keeps you running. It may be a person or a situation that ensures that life is never boring, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with.
    • “She changed her mind about 14 times about what she wanted. She keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure.”

All these phrases express a sarcastic kind of feeling when things are exciting, but not necessarily in a good way.

They are more colorful and perhaps even kinder than just saying “this is annoying”.



These phrases are often sarcastic and used to express when something is stressful or complicated, often as a habit.

It’s not QUITE a complaint, but maybe a commentary on something being difficult.

These phrases also happen to make for a great way to connect with people.

Try using them in conversation and see how well they work and how natural they are to say.

These help you to get comfortable with everyday conversation, and of course help you in making great connections too!


If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 


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