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Got it?

Get it?


Today find out how to say that you understand in English!

“I want to know about “I got it” and “you got it.” I hear these phrases all of the time in movies and books and on your show but actually I am not sure how they are used. Are they casual or formal? Can I use them with my boss? Can I write them in an email or a letter?”

-Erico, AEE Listener

What does it mean to say “I got it” or “You got it”?

It means “you understand” or “I understand.”

A lot of times people say “I got it, I got it.”

They repeat the phrase twice.

Would you use it with your boss?

It depends on your company culture.

Most bosses would be ok with an employee saying “I got it” but you might not say to your boss “You got it” because that could sound condescending.

Listen to your colleagues and observe what phrases they are using.

What can you say when you understand something?

  • Got it
  • I got it
  • Ok
  • Right
  • Cool

More formal ways to say “I got it”:

  • I see
  • That makes sense
  • It makes sense now
  • It’s clear now

Other ways to say “you got it”:

  • That’s it
  • You got it
  • Exactly
  • Perfect!
  • Bingo!

Listen to the episode to hear Lindsay and Michelle using these expressions.

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Let us know in the comments below.

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