AEE 789: How to Use “Mind You” to Highlight Your Point in English

how to use mind you to highlight your point in English

Today we’ll start with a role play:

A: So Michelle are you ready to come to Boston? Our Urban English Adventure is coming up in just a few days!

B: Yeah Lindsay I can’t wait

A: It’s gonna be great- mind you- the weather in Boston is unpredictable- and we’ll be outside moving around the city no matter what- so bring a raincoat just in case!


What phrase did we use?

We used the phrase “mind you.”

Natives use this phrase sometimes, depending on their own personal style.

In today’s episode we’re going to find out what the phrase means and how you can add it to your English vocabulary to sound more interesting.

Today our question comes from Andrea.


Hello ladies,

What’s shakin’, baken’?? Haha

My name is Andrea and I’m from Japan. I’ve been listening to AEE since 2015, and it helped a lot to increase my vocabulary and to grow my conversation skills.

You guys are amazing and I always wanted to say that I love your laugh, I can’t help but laugh together each episode that I’m listen to! Lol

Here is my question: I recently watched a video on youtube, and I’m sure some of the 49 million listener have watched as well, about a lady in a court, she was responding about some fines that she had had, and she said a phrase to the judge:”Mind you, he won possession of that apartment, so I had to move.”

What does ‘mind you’ exactly means and when can I use?

I know it is a little long these questions, but I hope you can help me to understand. Thank you so muuuch for your AWSOME and hard work to teach us in this addict way.



We can try to answer your question about what they mean, but mind you, I don’t watch a lot of TV programs.

So what does “mind you” mean?

It’s a super natural and native phrase you can slip into your sentence to mean the following:

  • Just so you know…
  • Just to note…
  • To be clear…
  • You should know that…

Here is the phrase again from Andrea: “About a lady in a court, she was responding about some fines that she had had, and she said a phrase to the judge: ‘Mind you, he won possession of that apartment, so I had to move.'”

What does “mind you” mean here?

She is drawing attention to the fact that she had the hardship of having to move.

She is saying “Pay attention to the fact that he won possession of the apartment so I had to move”


You use this phrase anytime you want people to pay attention to some important fact that you’re about to share.

Try this in your daily conversations.

Let us know what questions you have below.

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  • Mind you, the Bridge to Connection/Secrets of the Connected Communicator Course is a go-to strategy to make your English great. Variety is the spice of learning. Fear is no hindrance if you keep up with Boston Adventure. People will be impressed by you, no matter who you are or where you come from. Just so you know/to note/To be clear/You should know that when you trust All Ears English, your darkest hour turns into brightest one. Indeed!!!

  • Ahmed

    Hello girls ,
    I want to thank you so much for the big effort , and for making my life happier . your voices are the first thing comes to my mind when I wake up in the morning , you’re full of positive energy and joy ..
    I am Ahmed from IRAQ, and I’ve been in Turkey since 2014 as a refugee.
    Have a nice day.