Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Do you find it hard to share your opinion at work?

You may find you’ve changed your mind and need to share why.

Listen in on today’s episode to learn how to share what you think in a meeting, presentation, or a simple discussion at work.

Do you carry change?

Michelle asked Lindsay if she carries change around.

Lindsay answers that she rarely has change on her.

She doesn’t carry it around as much nowadays.

As a follow-up, she asks what topic Lindsay would want to give her two cents on.

“My two cents” is a fun, native idiom in English.

Today you’ll learn phrases that are useful for both the business world and common English conversations.

Today’s question

Hi, could you please how to use ‘my two cents’ in conversations?

Is it only used in the U.S.? Thanks!


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Your two cents

The listener raised a question about a very interesting phrase.

What does the phrase “my two cents” mean?

It doesn’t refer to actual pennies.

Instead, it means to express or share your opinion.

This can be good for meetings or brainstorming sessions with coworkers.


Lindsay: Michelle, can you give us your two cents on the sales plan?
Michelle: Sure!

A superior phrase

Rather than saying “What’s your opinion on…”, this is a much more interesting phrase.

You can use it to learn about what someone would say about a certain topic.

However, this is often used when you are giving advice or an opinion that you know may contradict with what someone else thinks.

  • Just to give my two cents, I think…
  • I disagree, but that’s just my two cents.
  • Well, I know you want the report out on Monday, but I don’t know that the team can get it done. That’s just my two cents.


This is a good phrase to use when you’re talking about a controversial topic.

It can be used at the end of a statement when weighing in on a touchy subject.

This softens your opinion and removes contention.

It helps people see that you also believe their opinion is valuable.

How to use ‘my two cents’

Example #1:

Michelle: We need to get these sales done immediately.
Lindsay: Michelle, you’re rushing it. But, hey, that’s just my two cents.

Example #2:

Lindsay: She’s a good worker.
Michelle: I know, but she still needs some training. That’s my two cents.

There also similar phrases that you can use to say the same thing:

  • just my opinion
  • just my feeling
  • make of it what you will

When using these phrases, you should take note of your intonation and gestures.

You don’t want to offend anyone, especially if you’re sharing an opinion on something that is controversial.

Sometimes people get touchy when hearing an opinion that is different from theirs.


Lindsay and Michelle share an example of how you can share your opinion at work in a healthy way.

In this scenario, Lindsay and Michelle are coworkers and they are brainstorming about a project.

Lindsay: So, we should use the company logo right at the beginning.
Michelle: Yeah….but small.
Lindsay: I don’t think small. People need to get used to our branding – but that’s just my opinion.
Michelle: Yeah but it may be too much at first.
Lindsay: I think people need to see it right up front. It will make them remember us. That’s just my feeling. Make of it what you will.
Michelle: I know… here’s my two cents. We get some swag with our logo and that will help them remember us.
Lindsay: Interesting idea.


It is vital that you are able to share your ideas and opinions in English in the workplace.

Be ready for someone to get defensive if they have a different view than you.

Take note of the phrases shared in today’s episode.

They’ll help you engage in a healthy discourse without stepping on any toes in the working environment.

Improving your English vocabulary will increase your confidence in making meaningful and strong connections in the business world.

What are your key takeaways from today’s episode?

Share one in the comments below.

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