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Today you’ll hear 3 Keys student Cynthia’s experience.

In spite of an unexpectedly stressful test day, she rocked IELTS!

Luckily, she had strategies to fall back on!

You are going to hear what happened and how she succeeded in spite of challenges!

She will also share insider strategies and tips that helped her get the scores she needed.

For the study program that helped her get an Overall 8, sign up for 3 Keys IELTS!

Why is Cynthia taking IELTS?

She’s based in Lima, Peru.

She is a translator and interpreter.

She loves her job!

Her IELTS results came in and she scored an Overall 8!

She is very excited to now move on with her goals!

She plans to complete a master’s in English in Conference Interpreting.

For this, she needed to pass IELTS.

The need to be systematic with IELTS study

Cynthia found 3 Keys IELTS through the All Ears English podcast, which led her to the IELTS Energy podcast.

She also is admittedly bad at self-discipline and motivation when it comes to studying!

The 3 Keys IELTS study plan helped her get organized!

She also used an app called Good Notes that allows her to mark up PDFs.

She was very systematic in her study so she didn’t waste any time!

Strategies Created By a Former Examiner

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How did 1-on-1 classes help?

She has advanced grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills in English.

However, she recognized the need for strategies.

She also recognized the need for feedback.

She needed an expert to make sure she was on the right track!

Because of this, on the day of the exam she was very confident.

She felt like an IELTS expert!

Cynthia’s test day roadblock

She lives close to the testing center, but not close enough to walk.

Traffic is very congested in that area, so she didn’t want to risk possible delays by driving.

Therefore, she decided to ride her bike to the testing center.

When she arrived, she was told she could not leave her bike there and they would not allow her to enter the building.

She was told she needed special permission in writing to park her bike anywhere.

It took a great deal of time to get permission, and the staff at the test center was not helpful!

How did this affect her performance?

It was a very stressful and upsetting experience.

It wasn’t resolved until right before the test began, and she was the last one in her seat.

She definitely recognized that she was thrown off when the Listening exam began.

The first questions were a map completion, and she had a hard time focusing and missed the first few answers.

Why Cynthia scored 8.5 on Listening

In spite of this very unexpected and difficult experience, she still scored 8.5 on Listening!

This is extremely commendable!

She was able to focus back in and performed impressively on this section.

This is because she had strategies!

Through the 3 Keys IELTS anti-anxiety module, she learned how to “find her zen.”

She was able to recognize the anxiety and use it to focus and succeed.

Tip #1: Use high level English resources

Cynthia found the resources in the 3 Keys study guide to be very useful.

Many of these sites she had never heard about.

She was excited to diversify her study methods.

She shared them with her brother who is also studying English.

Tip #2: Listen to the instructions

Cynthia learned in the modules the importance of listening to the instructions.

In these, you hear who will be talking and what it will be about.

She recognized that on exams, she was often jumping ahead and reading questions without listening to instructions.

You must be present from the first word that is spoken.

This warms up your brain and helps you focus.


You must be prepared for unexpected roadblocks on test day!

Anything could happen!

For our anti-anxiety module with all the strategies you need, sign up for 3 Keys IELTS.

You will also get strategies for every part of the exam.

These strategies helped Cynthia get the scores she needed.

They can do the same for you!

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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