Aubrey Carter
"3 Keys IELTS Certified Coach"
Jessica Beck
"Director of IELTS Training"

Today we answer IELTS Speaking Part 1 questions.

Both Jessica and Aubrey don’t care much about fashion.

You’ll find out in this episode how to answer questions you aren’t interested in.

There is a good chance you’ll get questions on IELTS Speaking that are not your forte.

This is perfectly fine, but you must elaborate on why you aren’t interested!

It’s a speaking test and you must speak!

Use today’s tips to get 7+ on IELTS Speaking.

Question #1: Trendy fashions

Do you always follow trendy fashions?

Aubrey explains that she is a frugal person.

  • Frugal: thrifty; careful about spending money; not frivoul

She is careful about how she spends funds.

  • Funds: money

Dress to impress: idiom for dressing up nicely

She talks about how she dresses more nicely for formal events.

  • Shindig: slang for party or event

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Question #2: Fashion changes

How has fashion changed in your country in recent years?

Jessica admits that she does not follow fashion trends or changes.

She talks about how she may have noticed when she was younger.

This is largely impacted by her friends, who also don’t care.

She gets specific about fashion she finds ghastly.

  • Ghastly: ugly; unattractive

She also talks about recycled fashions.

You can use this verb to talk about something you’re seeing again.

Question #3: Expense of fashion

Is maintaining fashion expensive in your country?

Aubrey describes how pricey it is for someone to pay significant amounts of money on clothing.

  • Flabbergasting: surprising
  • Look the part: dressing to project a certain image

There is an idiom that you “dress for the job that you want, instead of the job you have.”

Aubrey talks about social media influencers who promote certain brands.

She describes how expensive it is to wear high fashion.

You can’t just answer “no”

You will get a very low score on Fluency if you just answer, “no.”

Your answers on Part 1 and Part 3 must all be 3-5 sentences.

If you speak too long, the Examiner will stop you.

This does not lower your score.

They have to ask a certain amount of questions, so they will stop you to ask more.

This just shows how fluent you are, as you could talk at length on the subject!

What to do if you don’t have personal experience with a question

There will likely be IELTS questions that you can’t relate to.

You can answer about someone else!

You know someone who could be an example for any question.

If not, you can talk about someone you have seen in television or the movies.

You can say, “I don’t have personal experience with this, but my brother…”

You can’t just say you don’t know anything about it.

You must answer every question!

Provide details and high level vocabulary for everything you are asked.


You must have something to say for every question.

There are no exceptions to this, even if you have no experience with a subject.

Use today’s tips to have something to say on any topic.

Practice answering questions you aren’t interested in.

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What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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