Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"
Jessica Beck
"Director of IELTS Training"

Today you’ll hear band 9 speaking sample answers about Christmas!

Listen to the whole episode for excellent holiday vocabulary!

Lindsay and Jessica answer the following IELTS Speaking Part 2 cue card:

Describe a favorite holiday you have had.

Note that ‘holiday’, here, denotes a special day, like Christmas, and not vacation.

In British English, ‘holiday’ can also mean ‘vacation’, unlike in American English.

Notes from Lindsay’s answer:

  • One particular holiday when I was 9
  • leading up to Christmas time
  • the thing that was so wild and crazy
  • we went ahead and…
  • not the best handyman
  • stringing up the lights… amazing work of art
  • lampposts, swirly things, masterpiece
  • she just gasped
  • a little bit out of control
  • going big
  • in the biting cold
  • absolutely priceless

Notes from Jessica’s answer:

  • one of the first Christmases after having James
  • at that time
  • so stoked
  • huge hot wheels track
  • the thing is
  • grand/magnificent presentation
  • bleary-eyed
  • rarin’ and ready to go
  • loop the loops
  • lighting fast, straight out of the gate

Listen a couple of times to these sample answers, and notice how the context is built out to fill the 2 minutes fluently and coherently.

Also, if you are asked to describe a childhood memory, it’s totally find to make up details if you don’t remember a lot!

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