Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"
Jessica Beck
"Director of IELTS Training"

Sometimes on IELTS Speaking Part 1 the Examiner will ask you about your daily life. This is a great opportunity to talk about the pace of your life.

Do you move fast?

Are you always in a hurry?

Today we are going to do a Speaking Part 1 sample answer about being in a hurry and having time.

By looking at today’s sample answer you will be able to understand how the Examiner grades you on Speaking Part 1.

Check out these Speaking Part 1 sample answers below.

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Question 1:

Jessica: Are you often in a hurry?

Lindsay: Oh my gosh that is such a good question. A good one to reflect on and to be honest, yeah and it’s because I try to pack so much into my life. I mean especially in terms of my work right, we are trying to do so much until I find myself jumping from thing to thing very quickly.

In addition, the places I’ve lived over the last couple of years have kind of gotten me into the mindset of always being in a hurry like New York City. I lived in New York for a while in my 20’s and Boston these are faster paced cities where people are just flying around the sidewalks they’re beeping their horns at each other they’re moving fast. So yeah I would say I’m often in a hurry.

Question 2:

Lindsay: How do you save time in the morning?

Jessica: Oh gosh I am the queen of multitasking. So in the morning, I am always doing like five things at once. I am making James’ lunch, I’m eating breakfast, I’m drinking coffee, I’m checking my email, I’m checking Google Maps to see how long it’s going to take to drive James to school so I know when to leave.

So all of this stuff has to be accomplished in like a 20
minute window right? So I have to do I have to do everything simultaneously. It
could be a little much but I like to put on some the jazz station in the
mornings to sort of have a nice background noise of a little calming
atmosphere. So that’s kind of how I get through it.

Question 3:

Jessica: What do you wish you had more time for?

Lindsay: Oh yeah. So these days to be honest I wish I had more time for reading actual books. Lately I’ve been ordering a lot of books on Amazon with the best intentions especially business books with best intentions to get through them but to be honest the most convenient thing for me is listening to podcasts and I’m that person that sometimes I hate to admit it but I’ll put my podcast on 1.5 speed just to get the information which is bad, I know it’s terrible.

If it’s an informative podcast it’s not entertainment like I need to learn the information. I’ll put it on 1.5 speed or 1.75. But I do wish I had more time to just hold the book and go deeper into it and just soak in and enjoy the book. You know, for entertainment value, not so much for information value. So yeah that’s what I wish I had more time for.

High-scoring Vocabulary in Our Sample Answers:

  • “I’m the queen of multi-tasking”- This is a fun way to say that you are great at something. Use this to impress the Examiner immediately. Other students will not be using this phrase.
  • “I pack so much into my life” – You can use the phrase “pack into” to say that you are trying to do a lot of things in your life. This is descriptive and advanced.
  • “To soak it in”- This means to absorb something. You can absorb an experience or absorb a book or music. This is another great way to immediately increase your IELTS vocabulary score.


Takes notes from these Speaking Part 1 sample answers so that you can really start strong on your Speaking test.

Speaking Part 1 is the first part of the Speaking test and you need to feel strong as you move into the next sections.

If you get a question about how you manage your time or how busy you are in your daily life, it should be easy to answer it.

Up your score by adding these great vocabulary terms.

This is an easy one to prepare for so be sure to practice it before test day.

What questions do you have about IELTS?

Let us know in the comments below.

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