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Special guest Amy Whitney from Real English Conversations joins us today on the podcast.

Her website and podcast offer resources to improve overall English fluency.

She shares two activities to improve your speaking fluency for IELTS.

Learn today how just ten minutes per day can improve your IELTS Speaking score.

Real English Conversations

Their podcast features everyday conversations with native speaker guests.

The varied content exposes students to real English.

She speaks naturally at a slower pace, which she attributes to her Canadian nationality.

Her podcast Real English Conversations helps you prepare to hear the Canadian accent on the Listening section of IELTS.

Activities to improve Vocabulary and Fluency scores

You can’t have a lot of pauses on the Speaking exam.

Your score goes down if you say “um” and “uh” too much while thinking of an answer.

Today’s activities target improvement of fluency.

Amy’s philosophy is to exercise multiple parts of your brain at the same time.

Today she shares 2 activities that do this.

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Activity #1: Repeat it Three Times

The idea is to repeat an idea three times.

This forces you to think in English while you are speaking.

Step 1: Think about what you want to say

Step 2: Say it the first time

Step 3: Repeat a second time, more slowly

Step 4: Repeat a third time, focusing on fluency

Normally in a conversation, we limit ourselves to the words we are comfortable with.

You want to move outside of this comfort zone for this activity.

Use all the vocabulary you know, and avoid repetition.

Use this activity to practice Speaking Part 2

Get one Speaking Part 2 card and answer it as you normally would.

Then, answer it a second time and force yourself to slow down.

If you hear yourself repeat a word, force yourself to replace it.

If you are speaking too fast, there are several problems:

  • You can’t think of vocabulary
  • You repeat yourself
  • You can’t think of ideas
  • Your pronunciation suffers
  • You get ahead of yourself
  • You can’t think of appropriate linking words

How can translation help you become more fluent?

This activity is for advanced learners.

It is an entirely different way to get your brain to think about language.

Beginning language learners should not translate, as it can create bad habits.

Bad translation or literal translation is translating word for word.

Instead, translation should consider nuances and grammatical changes.

Activity #2: Translate Text

Step 1: Open a translation website, such as Google translate.

Step 2: Copy a paragraph of text from a podcast or blog and paste it into the translation website.

Step 3: Look at one sentence at a time.

Step 4: Ask yourself, “How would I say that in the target language?”

Step 5: Check your translation against the website.


Today’s 2 activities can help improve your IELTS Fluency and Vocabulary scores.

If you’re a 3 Keys student, add them to your study guide.

Carve out 5-10 minutes per day to try these activities.

Use them to improve your English fluency.

If you are not yet a 3 Keys student, join today!

And if you’d like to know what you’d get if you took IELTS today, take our free 2-minute quiz!

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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