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Jessica Beck
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We have created a new language course!

It is called Business English for the Global Professional.

Many of our students requested this course.

We researched available business English courses, and have created something new and different.

Featuring insight from over 100 native professionals, it has everything you need to succeed in the modern business world.

There is a very limited enrollment at a discounted price for the first launch and it is by invitation only.

To get on this list, go to

What topics are covered in this business course?

We dive deep into vital aspects of the business world.

  • Writing, including proposals, grants and emails
  • Presentations
  • Phone and video calling
  • Interviewing, including digital interviews
  • Meetings
  • Socializing and networking
  • Succeeding in the new economy

These modules are interesting, engaging and full of information you can’t find anywhere else.

Scott Faust interview

Each module contains multiple native interviews with professionals who specialize in their fields.

Jessica describes her interview with Scott Faust, Director of Business Development for Sanborn Map Company.

He described the company’s pivot from paper maps to digital mapping technology.

He also provided insight into how vital it is for companies to remain nimble.

  • pivot: change or adjust as needed
  • nimble: flexibility and agility

As a 150-year-old company, they had to evolve as technology changed or they would’ve failed.

Dustin Cann interview

Aubrey provided details about her interview with Dustin Cann, Talent Acquisition Technology Strategy Leader at Amazon.

In this role, he is incredibly busy, managing multiple projects and multiple deadlines.

He discusses his systems and strategies for staying organized and making sure he isn’t digging shallow holes.

  • digging shallow holes: starting projects without making progress or finishing them

He discussed the system of chunking time and blocking out space on his calendar so it doesn’t fill up.

He also detailed the necessity of prioritizing tasks.

Where this will come up on IELTS

Business topics are extremely common on IELTS.

There is a good chance your Task 2 essay will deal with globalization or aspects of the business world.

Speaking Part 3 questions also are often related to these topics.

Practice today’s vocabulary, shared by native business professionals, so you are ready for these IETLS questions!


Topics related to business are common on the IELTS exam.

You need to be ready to write and speak on many different business-related themes.

This course is vital for anyone working in the business world or who might in the future.

You will receive insight and advice from over 100 native professionals.

You’ll hear native interviews from many different fields and backgrounds.

To get on our exclusive list, sign up at!

If invited, you’ll receive a discounted price and be able to provide feedback and input as we fine-tune the course.

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