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Jessica Beck
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It can be difficult to fill 2 minutes on some IELTS Part 2 questions.

Certain things are more difficult to share more detail or think of a story.

Today we look at one of these.

This is a question that Jessica saw over and over in test booklets!

Many different booklets were put into and out of rotation.

We share a Part 2 sample answer that would score band 9.

Difficult Part 2 question- useful website

Describe a website that you find useful.

Your first instinct might be to talk about Google.

Be aware that Google is a search engine rather than a website.

A website refers to a landing page.

It might only take you a few minutes to describe a website.

You then might have difficulty thinking of anything else to say about it.

What are strategies for filling 2 minutes?

It’s vital to tell a story!

Go off on a tangent.

Share a website that you can say a lot about.

For example, Amazon.

You could talk about everything you purchase from Amazon.

You could also describe Amazon Music.

Then share lots of interesting details!

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Jessica’s sample answer

Jessica first narrates her thoughts.

She shares that she first thought of apps on her phone.

She then described that it took her a minute to think of a useful website.

She then shares information about a movie review website.

Details are provided about the different features and categories on the site.

Next, she shares why this website is useful in her life!

It helps her know if a movie is appropriate to watch with her son.

Feedback to apply on your exam

Notice her intonation when she says “but” and “and.”

Avoid using a monotone, as it lowers your Pronunciation score.

Mimic Jessica’s variety of intonation for a 7+.

  • F-bomb: slang for a curse word

We collocate this with “drop.”

You “drop an F-bomb” when you say this curse word.

Don’t curse on the IELTS exam.

You risk offending the Examiner with inappropriate language.

Instead, there are words you can use instead.

One of them is “F-bomb” to refer to one of the worst curse words in English.

Where to use this on IELTS Speaking

You need to use slang on the Speaking exam.

This is the best way to get the variety of Vocabulary you need.

Use it on Speaking Part 1!

If I were talking with my friend about this, I might drop an F-bomb right now.

We have a module on how and when to use curse words in English.

Get into our Connected Communicator course for that lesson!

Part 2 Sample answer about being scared by an animal

This is another difficult question you might face on IELTS Speaking.

Describe a time you were scared by an animal.

If you aren’t scared of animals, or haven’t been scared by one recently, this could be challenging!

Aubrey provides a sample answer in one of our IELTS Energy TV videos.

Watch the video now!

What to do during the one minute of preparation time?

For Speaking Part 2, you will have one minute to prepare your answer.

You don’t want to spend this entire minute trying to remember an experience!

Call up a memory now and practice describing it.

This way you’ll be ready if you get this question on IELTS!

Share details!

Notice how Aubrey tells a story to answer this question.

She provides details about that time in her life.

  • Where she was living
  • Why she was there
  • How she was spending her time

You hear her go off on a tangent about Yellowstone National Park.

She uses a great expression to come back to the question.

But anyway, that’s neither here nor there.

She then describes being scared by a moose!

You can go on a tangent!

Don’t be afraid of tangents on IELTS Speaking!

Especially in Part 2 where you must talk for 2 minutes, this is a great tactic!

As long as you answer the question, your Fluency score does not go down when you go off-topic.

In fact, it will be higher because you’ll have more to say and can provide more details!


You might get a Part 2 question on exam day that trips you up!

Some of them are much more difficult to speak about for 2 minutes.

There are strategies to use to fill the entire 2 minutes.

Today’s sample can give you a good idea how to answer one of these difficult questions.

For all the strategies you need to boost your IELTS score, sign up for 3 Keys IELTS!

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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