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Have you received a prize for something?

You could be asked this question on IELTS Speaking.

It’s vital that you don’t pause or hesitate while you try to think of a prize you’ve earned.

Those pauses and hesitations lower your Fluency score!

Today’s video gives you a sample answer and great strategies for answering this question.

We also teach you how to veer off topic in a way that doesn’t hurt your score.

Watch the video now!

What if you’ve never received a prize?

It’s possibly you haven’t received a prize, but you still have to give an answer!

For Part 2, you’d have to talk for 2 minutes even if you don’t have an experience to share.

In Jessica’s last video, she taught how to answer a Part 2 question when you don’t have experience with the topic.

Today’s video is an example of that strategy!

Don’t be afraid to talk about your childhood

This was a recent IELTS Speaking Part 2 topic.

Describe a prize that you received.

If you haven’t received a prize recently, you can definitely talk about one you earned as a child!

However, you might not have received one.

Or, you might not remember one right away!

In this case, you need strategies so you have something to say without lowering your Fluency score.

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Go off topic!

It’s acceptable to go off topic a little bit.

You just have to answer the question first!

Jessica shows you in her sample answer how to do this.

Notice how she links her ideas!

You don’t have time to be completely organized in Speaking answers.

However, you do need to use transition phrases to link ideas.

Jessica’s sample answer

She explains why she hasn’t received a prize and can’t answer.

She uses high level vocabulary for this.

  • strike it lucky: get really lucky
  • run wild: do things without thinking of consequences; lack supervision

Subsequently, she describes a time her son won some fun prizes!

She shared lots of details about the prize he won and what they did with it.

Practice this strategy!

Get IELTS Speaking cards that you don’t have answers for!

Come up with some strange ones.

Alternatively, imagine you don’t have an answer even if you do.

Practice saying that you don’t have experience with this in a natural, native way.

Then practice going off topic!


You might face IELTS Speaking questions that you don’t have an answer for.

There may be questions about experiences you haven’t personally had.

You need to be ready in Part 2 to speak for a full 2 minutes even if you have no personal experience!

Practice using today’s strategy so you will be ready!

For all the strategies you need, sign up for 3 Keys IELTS!

And if you want to know what score you’d get if you took IELTS today, take our free, 2-minute quiz!

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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