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You must use idiomatic language for a 7+ on IELTS Speaking.

Phrasal verbs are idiomatic language that count toward this requirement!

Today you will learn a phrasal verb that can boost your Vocabulary score.

It is perfect for introducing your Speaking Part 2 answer.

Practice answering Part 2 questions using these phrasal verbs.

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Do natives say “get doing?”

In my last video, I talked about the phrasal verb “get to,” so check that out if you missed it!

A listener had asked how to use the phrasal verb “to get doing.”

This means to get started doing something.

This is very informal and not used often.

Instead of “I need to get doing that,” we’d just say, “I need to get on that!”

Today you’ll learn two phrasal verbs we use instead.

Phrasal verb #1: Get going on

We use “get going on” to talk about a task we’re putting off that we need to get started on!

I need to get going on the laundry.

A great strategy is to explain why you put something off or procrastinated it.

You can then share why you need “to get around to it” or what made you decide to finally do it! 

Be aware of the difference between “get going on” and “get going.”

We often use “get going” to say we need to leave.

“Alright guys, we need to get going!”

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Phrasal verb #2: Get around to

This has a very similar meaning to “get going on.”

We use it for something we’ve been putting off and need to finally do.

Use the phrase “get around to” to introduce Part 2 answers.

In Speaking Part 2, you might need to describe something you own that you use often.

For what feels like an eternity, I put off buying a smart phone.

Because everyone communicated via email, I finally got around to it while teaching in NYC.

Use these phrasal verbs together!

These two phrasal verbs can both be used together when introducing Part 2 answers.

In Speaking Part 2, you might be asked to describe a party you have thrown for someone.

I’ve always wanted to throw a surprise birthday party for my husband, but I just never got around to it.

I finally got going and planned a surprise party with a Hawaiian luau theme.


Phrasal verbs can be confusing!

One great strategy is to pick specific phrasal verbs that can be used to introduce many different answers.

You can often talk about procrastinating something.

Use today’s phrasal verbs to describe putting something off that you needed to do.

Then, go into details about why you procrastinated and what you finally ended up doing.

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What questions do you have from today’s episode?

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