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Do you want to get your dream job?

If you are interviewing for a competitive position then you need to have a smart formula to follow to persuade the interviewer and convince them that you are the right person for the job.

Learn the SMART formula to get your dream job in English today.

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking and scary but if you work with someone like Keiran or use the formula he’ll talk about today then you’ll have a much better chance of getting the job that you want.


Keiran’s Tips:

  • Research the company: If the interviewer meets with ten people and you are the only person who knows the company history then you can stand out right from the beginning. The person running the interview wants to know that the company matters to you and that you are a good fit.


  • Be concise and have a powerful answer: Have some answers ready in advance. How did you help the business that you worked at before? How did you make the customers happier? Paint a picture with details and exact situations and examples. You can’t be vague.
    • Set up the situation: Talk about your past experience, the work environment, the industry.
    • Task: What task were you faced with? What did you have to do?
    • Actions: What actions did you take to confront the challenge. What exactly did you do? How did you make the customers happy?
    • Results: Keep it as concise as possible. You never want to bore the interviewer. Just answer with impact and move on to the next question.


  • Have good questions: Remember that you are interviewing them too. Be selective or at least convey the sense that you are selective in where you are going to work. Show your value. Have your questions prepared. This will help the employer see you differently. There are certain ways to form your questions that are tactful and assertive at the same time.

Remember, in interviews words are key. If you say “I think I can do a good job” instead of “I can do a good job” it conveys weakness.

Watch out for weak words!

You need to work with a teacher to prepare to make sure you aren’t using weak words.

Keiran’s Bio:

I’ve always been teaching or coaching in some way or form. I started as a swim instructor at the age of 16,  I taught swimming to children, teenagers and adults for about 8 years. After completing my university education in psychology at McGill, I traveled to South Korea where I taught children and adults for 2 years. Shortly after living in South Korea I moved to Mongolia where my wife gave birth to our daughter while I continued to teach voluntarily. We returned home and I started working for a large company selling conference tickets to directors and VPs of fortune 500 companies. It was a brutal job which didn’t work out but I learned a lot about how important it is to be prepared for  interviews. I returned to teaching in language schools for a while until I got into teaching online which is where I am now.

Want to work with Keiran?

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  • Step 2: Find Keiran’s profile and send him a message to schedule a lesson.


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