AEE 451: Does Your Native Speaker Friend Make These Mistakes in English? How to Help Them

naitve English speaker American mistakesToday get four mistakes that even native English speakers get confused about and get the skills you need to correct your native speaker friend.

4 Native Speaker Mistakes:

  • Advice versus Advise: Pay attention to intonation differences with these two words
    • Advice= This is a noun. We give someone words of wisdom or “advice.”
    • To advise: This is a verb. We can advise someone on how to bake something in the oven.
  • Your versus You’re:
    • You’re= You are.
    • Your= Something belongs to you

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  • Award versus Reward:
    • Award: A prize, a musician could get a Grammy Award.
    • Reward: Something that is given in exchange for hard work or merit.
  • Affect versus Effect:
    • Affect: This is used as a verb. How did the change in the economy affect you?
    • Effect: This is the noun. What is the effect of sugar on your body?

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Let us know which ones are still confusing for you.

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