Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

4 Native Speaker Mistakes:

  • Advice versus Advise: Pay attention to intonation differences with these two words
    • Advice= This is a noun. We give someone words of wisdom or “advice.”
    • To advise: This is a verb. We can advise someone on how to bake something in the oven.
  • Your versus You’re:
    • You’re= You are.
    • Your= Something belongs to you

You’re the best podcast audience we could ever hope for. Your questions are articulate and thought-provoking.

  • Award versus Reward:
    • Award: A prize, a musician could get a Grammy Award.
    • Reward: Something that is given in exchange for hard work or merit.
  • Affect versus Effect:
    • Affect: This is used as a verb. How did the change in the economy affect you?
    • Effect: This is the noun. What is the effect of sugar on your body?

Practice your sentences in the blog comments!

Let us know which ones are still confusing for you.

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