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Today find out how to use the phrase “so far” in English like the cool kids do to get more advanced and more specific in your vocabulary choices.

We had an email from a listener and she used this construction in her email:

“I am doing very well thank you. I am busy so far. I am working as an EMS coordinator with my partner. I am helping her. We are busy but so far so good.” – AEE Listener

We think that the way this student used “so far so good” is very natural and native.


What does “so far” mean?

It implies that we are still in the process of doing something.

Something is not completed yet.

  • Up to now
  • Up to this point
  • Thus far


Another meaning for “so far”

It can also mean “to a limited extent”

You can only go so far on $7.


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What tense should you use with “so far”?

Use the present perfect with “so far”

So far I haven’t had any problems.


A: Michelle how is your day going so far?

B: My day is going pretty well. So far so good.


A: How are the elections going so far?

B: So far it’s been crazy. It’s really heating up.


A: How is the team doing so far this season?

B: Not bad.


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