Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Today we have Sandra on the show!

After Sandra’s Urban English Adventure weekend in Boston she found that her confidence in English skyrocketed.

Today hear the story of how she realized that she was more confident and how it made her feel.




What was her favorite part of the weekend?

Her favorite part of the weekend was the Drama Lab.

She enjoyed putting more emotion into her words in role plays with native speakers.

She also had to perform a situation and the other people on the team had to guess what emotion she was portraying.

By the end she felt much more spontaneous in English.


How do you feel now that the program is over?

A week after the program she was back in France.

Suddenly someone came up to her on the beach. She had to explain something to the guy in English. She found her words right away and felt super confident. For her this trip created confidence and understanding.


How would she describe this trip?

“Incredible adventure”

When she arrived in Boston she was happy to be there with 8 other English learners.

She took the weekend step by step because it was an intense weekend.


What about our team?

It felt like summer camp for her.

She didn’t know anyone and she had to talk and get to know people and understand them quickly and trust them.

It felt like an Erasmus program in a different country.

She had to adapt to the situation quickly. The team became close very quickly.


What did she learn from the natives?

She learned about American culture.

She felt that she was in a group of kind people.

She also expanded her network of American people so she can stay in touch with those people in the future.


How was this program different from a language school?

It was totally different.  We weren’t sitting in a classroom.

It was intense.

We had long days and a lot of conversations with native speakers.


Don’t forget to apply! Join us in Boston next time!

We only have 12 spots available for the next trip October 19- 22nd.

Go here now to apply.


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