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English how to talk to cashier

Do you have a corner store that you like to go to in your neighborhood?

Even if your “textbook knowledge” of English is great, quick conversation situations with a cashier at the corner store can be stress-inducing.

Ready to make them easy?

We’ll show you how to have these conversations with confidence and connection today.


Today we’ll start with a quick role play at a convenience store:

A: So did you find everything you need?

B: Yeah for sure.

A: Great. Do you need anything else?

B: No thanks I think I’m all set.

A: Ok would you like your receipt?

B: No thanks that’s okay.


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Let’s recap the conversation:

In this conversation how did we signal that we didn’t want anything else?

We said: “I think I’m all set.”

Today we’re talking about how to say that you aren’t looking for anything else.

This could happen when you’re shopping at a store, checking out with a cashier, or eating at a restaurant.

However, today we’ll focus on the convenience store situation.


We have a question from a listener-

I have been listening to your podcast for several months and have learnt a lot from it. You guys are doing an excellent job!! Here is one thing which also bothers me. How can I make myself sound more native when answering the question do you wanna your receipt and do you need anything else?

Good question- but we don’t know the contexts- so we’ll have to assume today

that you’re talking about a convenience store- we’re going to keep this simple- and break it down to 5 questions you might hear from a convenience store clerk- and how to respond

-Fe Xie


Common questions at a convenience store:

  • Can I help you find anything?
    • No thanks I’m all set.
    • Actually yeah I’m looking for greek yogurt.


  • Did you find everything you were looking for? Or Anything else? Or will that be all?
    • Yep. Thanks.
    • Actually I was trying to find trail mix.
    • Nope I’m all set.


  • Need a bag?  (not- do you need a bag?)
    • What is the charge for it? Does it cost anything? Is there a charge?
    • How much does it cost?
    • No thanks I’ve got my own.


  • Need a receipt? Or would you like your receipt?
    • Nah I’m okay thanks.
    • Oh no I don’t need that thanks.
    • No thanks.
    • No I’m good.


  • Have a good one or Have a nice day.
    • Thanks you too.
    • Thanks take care.
    • Yeah thanks.


Listen to the full episode to hear the final role play between the customer and the cashier.

Post your questions about new vocabulary below!

Thanks for listening today!

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