Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Do you struggle with what to talk about in conversation?

Do you want to know some good topics to bring up in your conversations in English?

Does it sometimes seem like talking about life experiences may get you further than just current events?

Today we want to talk about one very important piece of connection–your own self development!

Making connections starts with sharing life experiences, and we’re going to show you how and why to talk about them.


You Need A Starting Point

You will often hear people asking about or talking about their weekends.

This isn’t just something to throw into conversations when you don’t know what else to say.

This gives people the message that there has to be something to share when you talk about your weekend.

This helps you to build connections and starts you on middle neutral ground.

No matter what you may or may not have in common with somebody, talking about your weekend is something that everybody can contribute to.

It’s all about finding these life experiences that helps you to make conversation and of course to build connections.


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Think of What You Like To Talk About

We all have different areas that we like to talk about.

We have different topics of conversation that we feel comfortable focusing on.

Consider what you can speak comfortably about and then use this to get the conversation going.

This is where you want to focus on your life experiences to generate good conversation topics.

There is bound to be an area for connection within that space, so dig deep.

Some good conversation starters might include topics or life experiences such as:

  • Travel: Places you have been and what you like to do in your travel
  • Food: New food that you have tried or highly recommended cuisine or restaurants
  • Music: This is a universal language and people love to talk about music
  • Hobbies: You may not have similar hobbies or interests, but you may be able to share some of your own experiences
  • Places you have lived: There is bound to be some interesting stories if you have lived in different places

It’s all about life experiences, so think of what some of your interesting ones are and then use that to get a conversation started.


Why This Is So Important

There are a variety of reasons that talking about life experiences is important.

Never underestimate how a good conversation can help you to make a great connection.

Consider why your life experiences are so important and what they can do for you in this area.

  • Your life experiences can connect you with others over experience
  • They can drive the conversation forward,  and help to get people excited and interested
  • They can help you to feel connected to society as a whole
  • All of this is fun and helps to make you feel more confident!


Tips To Make These Work For You

When in doubt, try it out.

You never know what topics will make for great conversation starters until you try.

If something comes into your head to talk about, then simply try it out.

Here are some tips to help you to focus on life experiences that can make for great conversation.

  • Do an inventory: Think of things that have happened to you in your life that others might be interested in talking about.
  • Take risks: You never know until you put yourself out there. Try to start a conversation with something that is interesting or important to you–it just might translate into a great life experience as well.
  • Pay attention to the world around you: Sometimes your observations can be shared with others in a really wonderful way. Think of what is going on around you and how that might make for great conversation.
  • Try to tie your life experiences into the conversation: We all have that thought, that experience, or that observation that can be shared with somebody else. Think of something that you have experienced and then find a way to bring it into your conversation.
  • Try to do something even if you are tired or busy: You may have a million reasons why not to do something. Ignore those and focus on what you can do, for small experiences are better than nothing. Live a little!

A little goes a long way and the things that you like to talk about may be exactly what drives a conversation.



We all have important life experiences that we can talk about.

When you think about what can make for good conversation, it’s all about sharing these life experiences.

They make for a great starting point with conversation–and then you can see where things go from there.

This is how you not only get a conversation started, but also how you build real and lasting connections too.


If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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