Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Today you’ll learn 8 phrases to start a conversation in English with someone new about their pet.

Yesterday we talked about why Americans are crazy about their pets.

To start a conversation with someone new, you can make a comment about their pet if you see them walking their dog.

This is a very common and easy way to start a conversation with someone and maybe make an American friend.


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Here are some phrases to use:

  • “Oh how cute!”
  • “Oh how adorable!”
  • “How old is he?”
  • “When did you get him/her?”
  • “How long have you had him?”
  • “Is he friendly?”  or “Can I pet him?” (it’s important to ask the owner for permission if you want to pet the dog)
  • “What breed is he?” or “What kind of dog is she?”

After you have started the conversation about the dog, you can transition into other topics.


Quiz for today!

What is one question that you should NEVER ask a dog owner (when you first meet the person)

A- “How much did he cost?”

B- “Where did you get him?”

C- “Is he trained?”


Please write your answer in the comments!

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