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Have you heard people talk about New Years Eve?

Does it seem like NYE is a popular topic of conversation in English?

We’re going to look at why NYE is such a big deal to Americans.

We’re also going to look at great ways to get a conversation going in English about this very special holiday and what it means to so many people.

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Some Background On This Holiday

If you look back, you will see that we’ve talked about New Years Eve quite a bit in the past.

The reason for this is that it marks a new year, but it’s also filled with a lot of traditions within the US.

You can look back on some of our previous episodes to learn a bit about these traditions and topics surrounding this special holiday.

These episodes will give you a great background about NYE, and they are well worth listening to.

You’ll hear a lot of talk about New Years resolutions, because it’s the beginning of the year when everything seems to reset.

This episode can be great to listen to about that. 3 Ways To Make Sure You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

New Years Eve can also be a time to face your fears and take on new challenges.

Though this is a bit more indirect, this episode can help you to find that courage to move forward with something you may have been putting off. Just Bite The Bullet! How To Encourage Someone To Take Action In English

As you face a brand new year, this can also be a wonderful time to become a better version of yourself so to speak.

If you want to find courage and try something new, then this episode can help you with that Go Out On A Limb In 2019

As you can see NYE is a time for reflection, and it’s a wonderful way to start over.

Listen to these episodes to get that perspective and to go into this special holiday with a different mindset.

Great Time For Reflection

You want to really reflect upon the year you just enjoyed, and then think through what you want the year ahead to be.

This is a great mindset for the new year, and it can guide you not only on NYE but throughout the year.

You have to reflect and then take that energy into the New Year.

This is particularly a big year as we enter the next decade, and so it’s a great time to gain some perspective.

This is always a good time to talk with people about the past year and what they want from the New Year–you might find this to be a great way to connect!

People love to reflect upon the year they just had, so it’s a great conversation starter.

You will also find that it’s a great time to talk about plans for the new year as people love to set goals and have a fresh start.

Talking Through Traditions

Though there is a lot of reflection that happens around NYE, it’s also a time to talk about traditions.

Many people have certain traditions that they follow for this holiday, and these may go back to when they were kids.

It is therefore a great time to talk to people about how they spent their NYE in the past.

This is a huge connection topic because NYE is strangely nostalgic!

NYE is a mix of talking about the past and the future, and it’s also a time to share goals that you are setting.

Here are some great questions to get the conversation going about NYE.

  1. What did you used to do on NYE? How did NYE change for you as time went on? This allows people to talk about the traditions that they used to have when they were younger. It also allows people to reflect on some of their favorite NYE spent with family and friends. It’s a great way to get the conversation going.
  2. Do you prefer to party or just hang out? People seem to feel strongly one way or the other, and this asks them the question. Some people love to go out and party because it’s a big night out on the town. Others like to just hang out and be comfy at home. When you ask this question it gives you a bit of insight into somebody’s personality.
  3. What do you steer clear of  on NYE? You may find that some people feel strongly about going out to a crowded bar or restaurant. Some people don’t want to be on the roads because they fear people driving after drinking. This is an interesting question to ask when you talk about NYE.
  4. What are you doing for a change of pace this NYE? This may give you insight into what others may wish to do differently this year. New traditions are created all the time, and this is a great way to ask about what those mean to others.

These questions can get the conversation going and help you to make connections in talking about a holiday that means a lot to many.


New Years Eve is a great time to talk about traditions and goals for a new start.

This is such a great time to connect, and these topics are excellent for starting the conversation.

Remember that people generally feel both excited and nostalgic at the end of the year.

Be sure to take that into consideration and focus on both the past and present.

This is a great time to celebrate, reflect, and focus on the year ahead–and it’s the best way to make new and lasting connections!

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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