Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Are you wondering if we speak at a normal, native speed on All Ears English?

Today you’ll get the answer plus a few tips on how to push up your listening level to make more connections in English!

Many listeners have asked how to know what their level is.

Are you wondering this too?

First of all, think more about what you can do through English.

To what extent can you connect with people?

It doesn’t mean much when you write “advanced” or “intermediate” on your resume.

It’s more about what you are able to do.

Instead of writing a level on your resume we recommend you expand on that and say exactly what you have done in English at work. Doing this will give you more credibility in the eyes of the interviewer.

Have you led a meeting? Have you negotiated a deal?

If you really need a number then take the IELTS Exam.

It’s also about more than the language.

Get out of the old mentality that you are bringing into English from your school days.

Language can be rich.

We get to connect with someone that we couldn’t connect with otherwise.

If we are focusing on numbers and labels it will hinder the connection.


Do we speak at a normal pace on this podcast?

We don’t slow down our speed of speaking.

We use “stage voices.”

We use more enthusiasm than we would in real life.

In real life we might be more monotone and more calm.

We try to speak clearly.


Do we use complete sentences?

No. We start a sentence and then if we change our mind then we cut it off and move into a different sentence.

It’s not like sentences in a book.

We speak in a spontaneous way.


What should you do if you understand us but you can’t understand other shows?

  • Stop putting pressure on yourself to understand 100% of a conversation. You only need to get the basic gist.
  • Choose listening resources that have transcripts such as NPR. Also NPR does interviews with people using different accents.
  • Scaffold your learning: Start by making it easy then make it a little harder. Start with the transcripts then take them away.
  • Keep listening to All Ears English then expand out and find new resources


What do you think about today’s episode?

Let us know in the comments below.

Do you want a course on listening skills? Let us know in the comments below.

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