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confident in English

Are you confident, cocky, grounded, or insecure?

Today find out what these personality qualities mean and how to spot someone who’s got them.

Sometimes there is a fine line between being confident and too confident.

If we are “cocky” or overconfident we might miss important details or assume we have nothing left to learn.


How can we show our confidence?

  • Use a good, strong posture (this not only helps the way people see us but it changes the way we think about ourselves)
  • Have conviction in what you say. Use your tone of voice strategically. Come down at the end of your phrases instead of asking a question at the end of your statement.
  • Don’t brag too much. It’s okay to talk about your accomplishments but if you sound like you are trying to get attention you will sound insecure. Real confidence is quiet and the actual confidence comes out in actions. Usually people who are talking about the fact that they can do something well tend not to have the highest level of skills.


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Vocab words for today:

  • Confident
  • Cocky: This means overconfident. It’s an annoying fake confidence.
  • Hot stuff: We say “That guy thinks he’s hot stuff.”
  • Overconfident: Too confident.
  • Arrogant: An abrasive personality. You think you’re the best. A lot of things fly past your awareness because you are self absorbed.
  • Humble: A quiet confidence. This kind of person has nothing to prove and does not brag.
  • Grounded: Someone who might be successful but is not “up in the clouds.”
  • Down to earth: This means grounded and normal, not arrogant.
  • Insecure: Not confident, not feeling strong about your abilities.


*Listen to the role play with Lindsay and Michelle to see these words being used in a conversation.

What questions do you have from today?

Let us know!

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