Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

In this episode, learn 3 phrases for dating in English in America. 

Today is a teaching Tuesday! You are going to learn 3 phrases to use when you are talking about dating in the US.

You heard these phrases yesterday in Episode 58: “The Unspoken Rules of Dating in America.”

Listen to today’s episode and check out the role play below to get the English vocabulary skills you need to date in America.


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1- “Set someone up”: To arrange a date between two people who you think may end up having a romantic connection.

2- “Better half”: The term many people use to talk about their life partner.

3- “To ghost someone”: When you go on a date with someone and then they disappear without saying why they stopped communicating. 


Lindsay and Michelle are on a phone call and Lindsay is asking Michelle about her current love interest.

Lindsay: So tell me about your date last night!

Michelle: Oh it was just a last-minute thing. Mike invited me out for a quick drink on Saturday night.

Lindsay: Hmm you have been seeing this Mike guy for a few months now. How did you meet him?

Michelle: Melissa set us up. She arranged for us to both be at an art gallery opening a few months ago.

Lindsay: So are things getting serious?

Michelle: Not really. I didn’t hear from him for a whole week after we went out the first time. I thought he was ghosting me, but he eventually got in touch.

Lindsay: Jeez. Oh well I guess time will tell. My better half is calling. I gotta run.

Michelle: Okay we’ll catch up later.

Lindsay: Bye

Michelle: Bye

What are your thoughts on dating in the US?

Tell us a dating story in the comments below.

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