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In this episode, learn 3 phrases for dating in English in America.

Today is a teaching Tuesday! You are going to learn 3 phrases to use when you are talking about dating in the US.

You heard these phrases yesterday in the Meeting Monday episode called “The Unspoken Rules of Dating in America”


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1- “Last resort”: Last choice, last option. You don’t want to be someone’s “last resort.”

If someone texts you on a Saturday at 6pm and asks you out on a date for that night, you are their last resort!

2- “The last minute”: This means the last possible time. You shouldn’t set up a date at the last minute!

3- “To wrap up”: To end something (an event) or to use a condom in order to have safe sex.

Examples: “It’s time to wrap up the conversation and go home” and “If you want to protect yourself from diseases, you should wrap it up.”


What are your thoughts on dating in the US?

Tell us a dating story in the comments below.

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