Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

In today’s Teaching Tuesday, we talked about yesterday’s episode, where Lindsay met her co-host’s roommates.

Lindsay used some conversational strategies that are common in American culture such as:

  • Confirm the links between people in the group: The co-host introduced Jay and Morgan as her roommates, but Lindsay confirmed and said again, “so you’re roommates?” when the conversation got started because it’s an easy way to get the conversation going. This allowed the co-host to jump in and add more information if needed.
  • Ask about a shared situation: Lindsay asked her co-host’s roommates how they like the neighborhood. This is a situation that all three people (co-host, Morgan, and Jay) shared so it was easy for anyone to participate. This is another great way to keep the conversation moving.
  • Ask about someone’s job: This is very common, especially in the United States. It’s usually totally fine to ask about this because people work hard and create their identity based on their careers in many cases.


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Here are four specific phrases that Lindsay used to carry on the conversation while she was meeting her co-host’s roommates.

Four Phrases to Meet Someone:

  • “What do you do?” – In the US, it’s really common to ask someone what they do for work when you first meet them
  • “How did you get into that?” – This is another follow-up question after “What do you do?” Here you are asking the person how or why they began their particular career path
  • “How do you like that?”- This is a great follow up question to “What do you do?” It keeps the conversation going and allows the person to talk about themselves a bit.
  • “We should all hang out sometime”- You might use this phrase at the end of a conversation to say that you would like to see the other person again or build some kind of friendship with them.

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