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how to use the word bites in English

Today we have three unrelated but useful questions from a listener.

Today you’ll learn what the phrases “here we are,” “bite me,” and “you got it” mean and how/whether to use them in different conversation situations.

Hello Lindsay and Michelle,

I hope you’re doing fine. This is Amir from Iran writing to you for the first time. It’s been 8 months I’m listening to your podcasts; they are so useful and energizing. I wonder if you could give me the definition and also the situation of the three phrases below that I can use rightly.

1- Here we are

2- Bite me

3- You got it (when someone says thank you)

Thanks in advance. You two are great.

Warm regards, Amir


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1- “Here we are”:

This can be used in a few ways:

  1. When you bring someone somewhere, like as the leader of a tour and you arrive and you say “here we are!”
    1. Similar- when you point out where you are on a map. “So here is a map of NYC and ohh here we are! We just need to go 5 blocks south.”
  2. When you present something to someone you might say, “here you go.”  Maybe a barista would say this when handing you your coffee, but it’s a little bit formal.  Any time that you make something available or present something to people.


2- “Bite me”:

Be careful! This is extremely rude. It just means “forget you” or “get away.” It feels like the best synonyms are swear words, but we don’t swear on this show.

This might be used by a woman when a guy is approaching the woman in a sexual way and she wants to reject his advances.

But it’s very much “street” language.

Teenagers would use it more.

We recommend that you avoid saying it.


3- “You got it”:

This is used when someone says thank you or when someone understands something.

This is similar to saying : “You bet” or “sure thing” or “no problem.”

It could also be the same as “That’s right” or “That’s it.”


If you want more information about how to respond to someone saying thank you check out episode 702. 


What questions do you have from today?

Let us know in the comments below.

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