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what to say in English when someone invites you out but you have plans

Do you know what to say in English if someone invites you out but you are already have plans?

How can you tell the person that you are not available without breaking the connection?

Find out today!

Let’s start with a role play:

A: Oh hey Michelle what are you up to next Friday? I want to check out that new brewery, they are offering a yoga class then a tasting.

B: Oh I already have something going on that night. Thanks though. Let’s do it next time.

Here is our listener’s question for today:

Hi, Lindsay and Michelle, this is Nicole, an international student studying in the U.S, your podcasts are really helpful in daily life! I have question, if someone invite you to go somewhere, like for lunch or hanging out, but you’ve already had appointment with other friends, how to  reject in a polite way and not lose the connection? I’d be happy if you could answer my question! 🙂 -Chen


We’ve done some episodes on a similar topic but not this one.

Today we’ll show you what to say when you already have other plans.

You should go back and review these episodes before you listen today:


The key today is that you have plans already so you have to be careful.

If you lie and say you don’t like the movie that they want to go to they might switch and say “oh let’s have a coffee” and then you’ll be in trouble.

Your conflict is that you already have plans.

You don’t have to say who you have plans with or what you’re doing.

Usually that’s rude unless the person also knows the other person and they won’t be offended.


Phrases you can use:

1- I’ve already got something going on that night.

2- Unfortunately I have plans that day.

3- I’d love to but I think I have something that night.

4- I have already made plans.


Equation: Phrase + thank them


Tips to do this right:

  • Don’t lie but only give as many details as you want.
  • Make a counter offer right away or later if you want to see the person.


What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Let us know in the comments below.

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