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Do you understand 75% of what we say on this podcast but when it comes to watching pop culture movies and videos do you get First Listening Shock?

Today we will answer a question from a listener who wants to know why her listening falls apart when it comes to listening to real people and movies.

Find out what to do about this problem today.

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First listening shock is the thing that is stopping you from going deeper into the conversations and connections that you want. Your anxiety puts up a wall in your brain and you cannot go forward.

Yesterday I watched a couple of videos. I couldn’t understand what they were saying. It’s a big listening shock. I have been listening to AEE podcast for 6 months. I can understand 70% of what you’re saying and I enjoy it but why can’t I understand these videos? What’s happening with my ears?


How can you avoid the First Listening Shock?

  • You need to build your ear for it: The first time you listened to the podcast you probably didn’t understand 70% of our episodes. It took you some time to really understand it, right? You need that same time to adapt to any videos or TV shows that you’re trying to watch. Your ears need to warm up to it.


  • Are you distracted? Lilian said the characters on the movies she was watching were cute. It’s easy to get distracted when you’re focused on something other than the words that are being spoken.


  • The podcast is a little easier to understand than other media: We use special stage voices on the podcast. We don’t slow down by using “teacher talk” but we do pronounce our words more clearly and we emphasize certain parts of our sentences if we think they might be difficult.


If you know that these things are happening going in then you have control over the situation.

Don’t stop listening to AEE but you have to keep evolving to keep challenging yourself.

To go straight from AEE Podcast to some videos that are made by and for natives speakers you are missing some steps.


What steps are you missing?

Our course is the missing step in between the podcast and natives videos/conversations.


Our course The Connected Communicator shows you interviews with real native speakers around the US plus you get the strategies that you need to listen and understand in our Bridge to Connection Method.

In the course everything you hear in the interviews is native and natural but you are given the tools to understand it.

Get started with your first lesson for free now. Go here. 


What questions do you have from today?

Let us know in the comments below.

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