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how to use anyway in English

In today’s episode you’ll find out how to use the word “anyway” in English.

You’ll learn how to add this word into your sentences to make natives understand you and to help you connect.

Add this word to your vocabulary today!

Let’s start today with a quick role play.


A: Hey Michelle guess what I did over the weekend?

B: What?

A: I went to a Lady Gaga concert.

B: No way, I heard it rained in Boston on Saturday though.

A: Yeah it did, but we went anyway and it was awesome.


In that exchange we used “anyway” to say “regardless” or “nevertheless.”

This is a strategic word to place into your conversation to make it flow and to make natives understand you.

It can also help when you want to break up your ideas and create emphasis.

Everyone who can listen and understand today should try to add this.

But we have already talked about anyways as a way to fill awkward silences in this episode.

Today we are talking about a different way to use this word.


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Is it correct to say “anyways”:

Technically speaking, it’s incorrect to say “anyways.”

Instead you should say “anyway.”

It’s considered bad writing to say “anyways” but still many Americans use it so it’s not the worst mistake that you could make but you should be aware of it.

Here we focus on Connection not Perfection  so concentrate on getting your message across.

You will hear natives say both “anyways” and “anyway” just don’t write it in a cover letter.

Check out this link to learn more.


Here is a listener question:

Hey Lindsay,

First of all thank very much your awesome podcast! The first thing I do in the morning is to listen to your stories and to enjoy the refreshing dialogues between you girls. Then as a member of the Secrets of the Connected Communicator Club I often end my day by watching one of your interesting interviews throughout the US.

And I even made connections with other members of your program which is fantastic 

So I actually have a wish for a new subject on your podcast: Would it be possible to do an episode about the word “anyway” one day? There are so many different meanings and for me it´s quite hard to use it in the right way. But somehow I like this word and I would love to feel more comfortable using it 🙂

Thank you so much in advance!

By the way: I decided to visit New York at the Ende of September :-). My boyfriend and I have already booked and I can´t wait to discover all the things you mentioned in your podcast or on your course. I hope I can sense this “New York Feeling” and will have a lot of “New York moments”! Greetings also to Michelle and Jessica – please go on that way, your are amazing!



More details on “anyway” 

It’s an adverb and it means: in any case; anyhow; nonetheless; regardless, another one to add: even so

Example: Whether you like it or not, I’m going anyway.

This is similar to the example that we started with about the concert.


What questions do you have about this word?

Go out and try to use it to push your English to the next level.

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