Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Do you have any Halloween parties planned?

How do you usually make conversation at a Halloween party?

Today we’ll tell you what to say to get great conversations started at a fall party or a Halloween party.

What happens at a Halloween party? There is usually a lot of laughter.

People are often complimenting each other on the creativity and cleverness of their costumes.

When you get invited to a Halloween party it can be stressful.

You might have trouble figuring out what to dress up as especically if you are a procrastinator, but not knowing how to start conversations can be worse.

We empathize with you so that’s what we’ll focus on today!

 Here is a question from our listener:


Hi Michelle, Lindsay, and Jessica,

I am a new listener. I have just found your podcast about a month ago. I am really into it!

I am very interested in Boston Adventure and really want to join you but this October one. Could you let me know when the next adventure is so that I can rearrange my schedule ahead

of time. What is included in that price? If you could give more detail, it would be great.

I have a favor to ask. My neighbors are going to throw a block party for Halloween. It is the first time for me to be in this kind of party. I don’t know how to start conversation with them. It is really hard for me to get into their conversation. I feel nervous and don’t know what I should do. Could you give me any advice, please?

Thank you sooooo much for your fantastic job! You guys rock!!!



Good question!

If you want more information about the Boston Adventure you can go here.

Put your name on the email list and we will notify you when we set trip dates for 2018.


We have done past episodes about this topic.


But there is a whole other set of questions and topics that you can bring up that are more related to the season or the type of party that you are at.

We’ll focus on those today.


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Halloween party conversation starters:

  • “Hey I love your costume” (say this and let them talk)
  • “How’d you come up with that costume?”
  • “So, what are you?”
  • “What was your costume last year?”


Fall season conversation starters for a party:

  • “Any big travel plans coming up for Thanksgiving?”
  • “It’s so chilly tonight. Do you mind the colder weather?”
  • “Oh gosh I can’t believe it’s dark already. It’s getting dark so early nowadays isn’t it?”
  • “So where’s the best place to go apple picking around here?” or “I want to get started early on my holiday shopping. Any good shopping districts in town?”


Try these conversation starters if you want to begin a conversation with anyone at your next fall party.

Let us know your questions below.

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