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remind expression in English

Do your siblings remind you of one of your parents?

The word “remind” is used in a lot of different ways in English.

Today you’ll learn how to use this word in a bunch of different chunks and how to integrate it into your everyday conversations in English.

Let’s open today with a question from a listener.


Hi girls! I’m Vinícius from Brazil and I have a question for you.

I was listening to an English podcast where I listened an unknown song that was kind of similar to another song that I knew. So this question came to my mind: What’s the correct way to say it in English? That “something make me remember something”?, “it remembers me something?”

Can I say something like that when a person is similar in appearance to another?

(Here in Brazil we say something like “that girl remembers me my sister”)

Thank you!



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Great question!

The correct way to say this would be “reminds me of.”

We covered this in Episode 360 where we show you the difference between remember and remind.

But we will work on this again and today we’ll focus on the word “remind”!


Three ways we use “remind”


Way #1:

When we say “It reminds me” we mean that someone or something triggers a memory.


  • “You remind me of my friend Bob.”
  • “That song reminds me of the time I went skiing in the Alps.”


Way #2: 

When we say “that reminds me” BEFORE the thought it is used when you remember something suddenly.


  • “That reminds me–did you call my brother to ask him if he’s coming to dinner Friday?”
  • “That reminds me–I still have to do my homework.


Way #3: 

Remind me to/that

This means don’t let me forget to do something or forget about something.


  • “Remind me to let the dog out before I leave.”
  • “Remind me never to go to that restaurant again.”
  • “Remind me that the dog didn’t eat yet.”


What questions do you have?

Let us know in the comments below.

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