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Do you know how to tell someone in English to relax and not worry about something?

Today you’ll learn a great way to say this to a native speaker in a super natural way.

Let’s start with a role play:

L: Hey Michelle, how are your New Years resolutions going so far?

M: Eh, not so well. I haven’t been to the gym once!

L: Ah, don’t sweat it. The year just started! You can start when you’re ready.


In that conversation we used the phrase “don’t sweat it.”

One of our listeners asks us about this phrase below.

In one show, I hear the phrase”don’t sweat it” pretty often. I guess it means something like “don’t stress about it.” What occasions can I use it? Does it sound natural?  -Ondrej


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Great question!

You’re absolutely right.

It means “don’t worry.”

We think it sounds natural, but it is informal.

It reminds us of the longer phrase “don’t sweat the small stuff.”


When can you use it?

1) When someone is apologizing to you

  • L: Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry now you have wine all over your shirt!
  • M: Don’t sweat it, it’s really old anyway.

2) When someone is telling you about their worries

  • M: Ugh, I don’t think I can cook that whole meal for 20 people
  • L: Don’t sweat it! I’ll help you.


Here are a few more phrases to express this same idea:

-Don’t stress

-No worries (more for apologizing)

-Don’t worry 

-Stay calm (used in more serious and stressful situations)

-Relax (someone may think this is rude, so be sure to have a nice tone of voice)

-Not a problem




There are many ways to tell someone not to worry.

Listen for these phrases when you are around native speakers and try to use some of these phrases.

The most important point of this lesson is to be able to connect by helping someone relax.


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