Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Do you have your own style?

Are there things that make you unique or special?

Do you want to know how to express things about your style in English?

We’re going to look at different terms that talk about style and how you can use these words.


Embracing Your Style and How To Talk About It

What do you want if you could create your own space and decorate it however you want?

What is your style and what do you want it to be?

Knowing your style is one part, but then being able to discuss it is another.

When you connect on a deeper level, you want to know how to communicate about your style.

This is a great way to connect with others, especially if you have things in common with them.

You don’t want to be afraid to know what your personal style is and embrace it.

A good example is somebody who has a lot of tattoos–this is part of your personal style.


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Great Words To Talk About Style

There’s some great vocabulary about expressing your style.

There are many different words that apply to style, but we’ll look at just a few.

Describing your own personal style can be fun when you know what to say.

  • To blanket: You may have “blanketed” or covered something with an item that you like.
    • “My entire wall is blanketed in artwork because I love it so much.”
  • Purging: When you purge, you are getting rid of a bunch of stuff. You’re going through and getting rid of stuff you don’t need or use anymore.
    • “I’m going through my closet and purging a bunch of stuff to give it away.”
  • “Fairy lights”: It’s a string of little white lights that give off dim and warm lights for an interior.
  • Feel warm: You want an environment to have warmth or feel like it’s easy to live within.
  • Minimal: Very simple style without a lot of stuff around. Very clean and neat and very few things around.
    • A minimalist is somebody who wants very little personal items. They want it to be very simple and neat.
  • Cluttered: It means that you have a lot of stuff, a lot of items that may take over an area.
  • Bold: This can describe strong colors or any strong sense of style that really stands out.

There are many ways to describe your style, but these are a few to get you started.



You want to start by understanding what your own personal style is.

Embrace what your style is, because there’s really no right or wrong.

Then start using terms such as these to describe your style or the style of your environment.

This is a great way to make conversation and to make connections.

The connections will be even greater if you have things in common to discuss about your style.


If you have questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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