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how to talk about daylight in English

Do you have a favorite season or time of year?

Have you heard others talk about their favorite time of year in English?

When the sun is out longer in the spring and summer months, it’s quite common to hear people talk about daylight.

Being able to comment on things like weather or daylight is great because it’s something that we all have in common.

We’re going to look at how to communicate about daylight, the amount of light, and how we can work this into a conversation.


Here’s a good question from a listener that highlights this very issue for you. 

Hi Michelle and Lindsay! I’ve been listening to your podcasts for awhile now and I find it helpful even though I’ve been living in America for two years. I have a question for you guys.

Ever since daylight savings happened I get excited when I walk out of the gym and see it’s still bright out there at 8pm. I was wondering what is the right phrase to show that excitement? Is it correct to use “oh it’s still daytime” or “it’s still daylight” ? I’m confused which. Thank you in advance


How Do You Communicate About Weather or Environment Related Issues?

You may have had related conversations back in March or April when we first changed the clocks.

In that first week, it feels like everyone is talking about the daylight.

It also happens to be a great way to start a conversation since it’s a visible change that we all experience.

It can be helpful to have some hints as to what is appropriate or how to say certain things. 

Let’s start by answering the question from the letter–Is it correct to use “oh it’s still daytime” or “it’s still daylight” ?

You should say “It’s still day light” because it’s not actually “day time” at 8pm.

You could also say “there is still day light” and this is okay. 


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Breaking Down Appropriate and Fitting Phrases

It can be confusing, but you want to understand what best conveys your thoughts.

Weather, daylight, and the environment are all things that you can talk about with ease.

These are all things that everyone shares in, therefore they are common situations and great for conversation.

There are three different things you can say in the summer.

You actually don’t need anymore than three things because each conveys things just right.

The three best ways to talk about daylight are:

  • Oh wow don’t you love the long days in the summer?
  • Come on, there’s still plenty of daylight!
  • It’s still bright out–can you believe it?



You can develop a good strategy for talking about the weather but take it one step further.

You don’t just have to talk about the temperature or if it’s raining or not, though that can be a good start.

You can also talk about things like daylight and when the sunsets in the summer months.

You can talk about your favorite season or your favorite time of day to enjoy sunlight.

The further into the detail that you take your conversations, the more you build connections.

Stronger connections can start with something as simple as the weather, so it’s a great starting point.


If you have any questions, leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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