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what Ivy League means in EnglishToday you will find out what “Ivy League” actually means in the world of colleges and universities in the United States. In yesterday’s episode, we talked about how to get accepted at a university in the US.

Here are some phrases that you can learn from yesterday’s Meeting Monday (episode 22). If you haven’t listen to yesterday’s episode, go back and listen before you study these phrases!

  • To stay on top of: To manage something, to meet a deadline, to do what you should be doing. Here’s an example: “I’m on top of my work.”
  • Ivy League: Technically, the “Ivy League” is a league of sports teams that compete against each other on the East Coast of the US. They include Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University. But in conversational terms, we think of an “Ivy League” school as a school that is extremely competitive, selective, and elite.
  • To make sure: This phrase means to check on things or to double check. Here’s an example: “I am not sure if I turned off the oven, I am going to go back and make sure that I did.”
  • The right fit: Something that feels comfortable and appropriate for you (this could also be clothing, shoes, etc.). In this context we talked about a university that is “the right fit” – that is a school that feels good for your personality, your academic goals, and your lifestyle.


Have you ever tried applying to a university in the US?

Did you get accepted? Tell us about your experience!

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