Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"


Today you’ll hear about Lindsay’s stop in the American Rust Belt during her cross country trip this summer.

You’ll find out what happened in this area and why the economy fell so fast.

The Rust Belt is an area that includes cities such as Detroit, Michigan and Flint, Michigan and other cities in the Northeast, the Great Lakes, and the Midwest.

These cities were wealthy and booming back in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

These cities’ primary economy was car manufacturing plants.

In the early 1980’s car manufacturing began to move overseas to places such as China and the Rust Belt fell hard and fast.

Thousands of people suddenly lost their jobs on a daily basis.

The effects of these job losses were devastating for this area.

Today when you visit some of these cities you see enormous poverty, joblessness, and crime.

The populations of these cities continues to drop today.

In Detroit the population has dropped by 26% since the year 2,000.

In Flint it has dropped by 19.6% according to this article.



As Lindsay drove through these cities she was shocked by these cities.

It almost felt like being in another world.

She felt scared at different moments.

At other moments she felt hopeful when she met people who were trying to start non profits and make a difference in the city’s future.

We’ll be talking much more about the Rust Belt and hearing stories from people Lindsay met on the trip in our new course that will be released this fall.


For now, click here to get a free listening lesson and meet a gun salesman from Texas.


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