Lindsay McMahon
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Aubrey Carter
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Many Americans believe in aliens!

It’s an interesting cultural phenomenon.

Today you’ll hear about recent events that brought the existence of aliens to the forefront of American politics.

You’ll also learn why some vocabulary related to the word ‘alien’ is evolving.

We share better alternatives you should use instead!

Do you believe in aliens?

This is an interesting question to ask a friend or coworker.

Most people will have a strong opinion.

You can also ask them if they’ve ever seen a UFO

  • UFO: Unidentified Flying Object

This word is often used to refer to alien spaceships.

Aubrey shares with Lindsay that she saw a line of lights in the sky when she was first married.

Everyone who witnessed it thought it might be a UFO.

She thinks that it was likely some type of military aircraft.

Why are Americans All About Aliens?

Lindsay shares that she met many Americans who believed in aliens on her road trip west.

This was especially true in Roswell, New Mexico.

She interviewed some of them for our Connected Communicator course.

It was fascinating to hear their different viewpoints.

Aliens in the news

Aubrey and Lindsay discuss current events that have brought aliens into the news in the U.S.

It was reported that whistleblower David Charles Grusch provided evidence to Congress about a secret government program.

This program was allegedly reverse engineering technology discovered from crashed alien spaceships.

A congressional hearing was held about his claims.

This gave more weight to the possible existence of aliens than it has had in the past.


Lindsay and Aubrey discuss the term ‘whistleblower.’

This is a person who shares secret, confidential information with the public.

The information might be about a company or a government.

There have been many famous whistleblowers in the past.

Evolution of the word ‘alien’

People used to refer to foreigners as ‘aliens.’

This is often still used as a political and legal term.

However, it has grown to have negative connotations.

Aubrey and Lindsay share that they do not use the word ‘alien’ to describe immigrants.

They feel it is dehumanizing and should be avoided.

The term ‘illegals’

Undocumented immigrants are sometimes referred to as ‘illegals.’

Historically, they have been called ‘illegal aliens’ in the United States.

Shortening this to ‘illegals’ does not feel much better.

Both of these are also dehumanizing.

What to say instead

There are many preferable options.

  • Immigrants
  • Newcomers
  • Foreign nationals
  • Foreigners

Lindsay and Aubrey agree that ‘immigrants’ or ‘newcomers’ have the most positive connotation.

‘Foreigners’ creates a sense of exclusivity or otherness that isn’t ideal.


Language is evolving!

Terms that some consider offensive are being replaced with more respectful language.

It’s always good to be aware of what someone might find offensive or disrespectful.

Avoid those terms in order to not dehumanize or ostracize.

With today’s tips, you can know you’re referring to immigrants in a respectful way.

Which is your favorite of the terms taught today?

Share it in the comments below.

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