Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

If you have an interview in English coming up soon we’ll show you how to make an amazing first impression to get into your dream school.

“Since I am going to have a college interview can you make an episode about interviews? I want to know what clothes I should wear and how I can show my politeness.”


Today we’ll show you how to demonstrate your politeness at the beginning or at the end of the interview.

Those are the places where you can really make a strong impression.


What should you wear?

Michelle suggests you wear a business suit.

It gives a strong, professional impression on the interview. You need to create your own personal brand.

For a college interview you won’t find many applicants in a business suit so you can really stand out in this area if you put on a suit.


Powerful phrases to make an impression:

  • “Thank you for having me” – this could come at the end and at the beginning of the interview. You could use this when you first meet the person or when you walk out of the room.
  • “Pleased to meet you”
  • “I look forward to hearing back from you”– this can be used at the end of the interview just before you leave the room
  • “I’m confident I would be a good fit.”


Quick tips for the interview:

  • Prepare with the most common questions such as these:
    • “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”
    • “Tell me about a time when you were a team leader.”
  • Ask questions about the school: Research the school beforehand. You have to show that you’re interested. You should know why you are interested in this school more than others. You want to ask questions about those things. Colleges want to have a high acceptance rate so they want to know that you are likely to attend if you get accepted.


Click here to get the most common college interview questions in the US


What questions do you have about today’s episode?

Let us know in the comments below.

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