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There are many English expressions using the word ‘spot!’

In today’s episode, the All Ears English team answers a listener’s question regarding the word ‘spot.’

Learn several English expressions today to use in your conversations with friends and colleagues.

Today’s question

Lindsay has a big soft spot for puppies.

Dogs are very cute.

Lindsay adopted her dog, Keifer, during the pandemic.

He is really good with kids and people.

In today’s episode, we have a great listener question about the word spot and the expressions that go along with it.

There are many expressions using the word ‘spot’ so some of them may be covered in a future episode.

Here is today’s question:

Hello Lindsay!

Great credit for your podcast, it’s very interesting and helpful.
Is there any chance to make an episode with the word “spot”?
As far as I know, there are: ‘hot spot’, ‘soft spot’, ‘sweet spot’, ‘sore spot’.
Also, there are expressions like ‘spot on’ and ‘on the spot’ and maybe some more.

Thanks in advance.

Pavel Ageykin

This is a great, specific question.

The All Ears English team loves questions like this.

You can check out other episodes inspired by All Ears English listeners’ questions.

Here is one the team recommends that is related to today’s episode: AEE 1724: Heartstrings and Hot Chocolate

Expressions using ‘spot’

There are many English expressions that use the word ‘spot.’

Pavel mentioned many of them in his question.

Today we share some terms using the word ‘spot’ with their definitions with examples.

#1: Hot spot

This is an interesting term because there are many definitions for it.

The first definition is a wireless internet connection often from your mobile phone.

Another definition is to refer to a dangerous place for crime.

It can also be a popular place where there is much activity or that is trendy.


“My neighborhood used to be a hotspot but it’s not cool anymore.”

#2: Soft spot

If you have a soft spot, it means you have a sensitivity to or a bias toward something or someone.

You really like something.


“I have a soft spot for my son, especially when he tells me he loves me.”

#3: Sweet spot

This refers to the best situation.

This may have been derived from tennis where the ‘sweet spot’ is an area of the tennis racket.

If you hit the ball with this part of the racket you can make a perfect serve.


“The company hit their sweet spot once they figured out how to get new clients without spreading itself too thin.”

#4: Sore spot

This means something upsetting or something to not bring up.

You may also hear some say sore point which is the same thing.

It can be a topic that someone does not want to talk about.


“Let’s not talk about your job situation. I know that’s a sore spot. Let’s talk about something fun!”


Here is a quick roleplay from Lindsay and Michelle using all the expressions discussed in this episode.

In this scenario, Lindsay and Michelle are friends and they are meeting for lunch.

Lindsay: So how’s it going at work?
Michelle: I don’t want to talk about it. It’s a sore spot for me
Lindsay: Oooook. Well anyway, do you like this place?
Michelle: Yeah, it’s a real hot spot! Love it. I think they really hit a sweet spot with having nice food but also reasonable prices.
Lindsay: Totally agree. And I love that they have all these puppy pictures around! Puppies are my soft spot.
Michelle: Oh man! They are so cute.


There are so many words and expressions with the word ‘spot’.

This is extremely useful English vocabulary.

As you learn the English language, it will be good to expand your vocabulary.

When you are talking to native English speakers, you can bring more life to a conversation using the vocabulary shared in today’s episode.

The All Ears English team will do more episodes around expressions like this so be sure to follow the podcast!

Can you think of another expression using the word ‘spot’?

Put it in the comments below.

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