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In today’s episode, Lindsay and Aubrey talk about a Canadian fruit that has a cult following.

They also share super modern slang to use instead of saying ‘popular’ or ‘trendy.’

Bring up your vocabulary game in today’s episode.

Pawpaw fruit

Aubrey asks Lindsay if she has tried or heard of Pawpaw fruit.

Lindsay has never heard of it, and neither had Aubrey.

Jessica sent Aubrey an article about this Canadian fruit that’s all the rage right now.

She lived in Quebec, Canada before and still hadn’t heard of it.

Today’s episode is about the vocabulary you can use to talk about what is trendy right now.

Lindsay loves to talk about different trends because she wants to share her thoughts about them.

The latest trends will always be good conversation starters.

Lindsay asks Aubrey if she remembers the Ice Bucket Challenge a few years ago.

She didn’t participate but a lot of her friends did it.

It was done to encourage others to donate to charities benefiting ALS.

It was also funny to watch all the videos.

A similar episode you can check out is AEE 2094: What’s So Funny? How to Connect Over Laughter in English.

Trendy vocabulary

Here is the article from the Global Mail published on October 3, 2023, by regarding Pawpaw fruit.

The title is: Tropical and native to Canada, the pawpaw fruit is all the rage for those in the know.

It is said that the Pawpaw is indigenous to Canada but harder to find now.

Efforts are being made to reintroduce pawpaw trees into the wild.

The title and article are full of very interesting vocabulary.

Here are some phrases and words you can use that mean ‘very popular’ and ‘be in the know.’

#1: All the rage

This means something is extremely popular currently and is trendy.

You would hear this to convey that people are really passionate about the trend.

Tropical and native to Canada, the pawpaw fruit is all the rage for those in the know.

Everyone’s wearing neon! 80s fashions are all the rage.

#2: Cult following

This refers to a niche group of fans highly dedicated to something.

Star Wars has a big cult following of all generations.

Take note that this doesn’t have the negative connotation of the word ‘cult.’

It’s developed a cult following among chefs and foodies, with the pawpaw showing up on the menus of Canada’s top restaurants, including Canoe in Toronto.

The Barbie movie has a cult following.

#3: Obsessed

You can use this to mean you are extremely interested.

It is used to refer to something popular or trendy.

It’s also used to exaggerate that someone is really interested in a trend.

Those who know, know. And they’re obsessed. They line up at farmers’ markets an hour before they open for the chance to snag one.

I’m obsessed with The Wheel of Time series.

Flash in the pan

This is a bonus idiom Lindsay used that means something is currently popular but will not always be popular.

“Flash in the pan.”

This means something has a short-lived burst of popularity.


Here is a quick roleplay from Lindsay and Aubrey using the vocabulary shared in today’s episode.

In this scenario, Lindsay and Aubrey are discussing a new restaurant in their town.

Lindsay: Have you heard of Cafe Bleu? It’s a new French restaurant that has quite a cult following!
Aubrey: Yes, it’s all the rage! I went with some friends last weekend and it was amazing.
Lindsay: I can’t wait to try it.
Aubrey: Order the halibut. I’m obsessed!


A great way to connect in English is to talk about what’s popular or trendy.

It’s fun to be obsessed with something.

It can be an opportunity for you to talk about something you really like and find others who share the same interests.

These types of topics will definitely help build connections with others.

Use today’s vocabulary to spark a conversation about new trends and anything popular in the news.

You need the right vocabulary in your arsenal to be able to talk about different topics.

Start the conversation about something you or the person you’re talking to is enthusiastic about.

Do you know other vocabulary to talk about something that is new and trendy?

Share it in the comment below.

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