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Have you gotten into K-dramas?

Korean dramas are extremely popular in the U.S. and throughout the world.

They will likely come up in conversations at work!

You need to be able to chat about them with both friends and co-workers.

Learn three English phrases in today’s episode to spark the conversation.


K-Drama stands for Korean Drama.

These are drama television shows made in Korea with Korean actors.

Aubrey has recently binged a couple of K-dramas.

It is such a fun thing to talk about with friends and colleagues at work.

Getting the chance to watch films and TV shows from other countries gives us a chance to understand and get a glimpse of other cultures.

It is also fascinating to watch and see movie technology develop and gender roles in other nations.


K-dramas have become popular since the rise of K-pop.

K-Pop refers to pop music from Korean performing groups.

The younger generation has been fanatics of the very vibrant and colorful fashion and music of Korean performers.

This love for Korean music and culture then transferred to television shows.

There is now a big fan base of K-dramas as well.

Squid Game K-drama

Squid Game is one of the popular Korean shows that was wildly popular internationally.

The gist of it is a sci-fi game where the players are drowning in debt and the grand prize is life-changing amounts of money.

While the participants are playing to survive and win the cash prize, wealthy people are watching and making bets on who will win at the end.

This very thrilling plot has earned the show many fans and recognition.

Popularity of K-dramas

There was an article in the Times of India that shared why so many love watching K-dramas.

Today we’ll discuss the top three reasons mentioned in the article:

#1: Beautiful people

We are obsessed with beautiful people.

We can say they are ‘eye candy.’

This means that the actors are attractive and pleasing to look at.

  • eye candy: a beautiful person

#2: Fashion

The fashion shown in K-dramas is unique.

It gives great fashion inspiration.

These shows provide an interesting take on Asian fashion.

They can start trends in the fashion industry.

#3: Unexpected plot twists

It is very entertaining to watch Korean shows.

This is partly because they often have amazing, thrilling, and unexpected twists.

  • plot twist: a change to the expected outcome

Great conversation topic

Since K-dramas are so widely popular, they make for a great topic of conversation!

It can instantly give you a connection with a friend or co-worker.

You can gush over their good-looking actors, talk about cool fashion, or even discuss opinions on the endings.

Three phrases to talk about K-dramas

These shows are addictive and very thought-provoking.

You can build a relationship talking about them, especially if the person you’re talking to raves about it too.

Here are some phrases you can use to start the conversation.

  • “Do you watch any K-dramas? I’ve been wanting to get into one.” It is nice to ask someone about their interest in K-Drama. They may be into it or have started to get into it. Even if they haven’t seen any K-dramas, you can still continue the conversation and discuss your opinions on it.
  • “What’s all the hype about Squid Game?” This is a good way to learn if the person you’re talking to has watched a particular show. Hype means that something has buzz and people are talking about it. The movie Squid Game has been a hit all around the world and most people will have heard about it.
  • “Everyone’s talking about Squid Game. Have you seen it?” This is an opportunity for you to share something you’ve watched and find out if your friend or coworker has. If they have watched it, again, you can keep the conversation going by sharing your ideas and thoughts on the story and how the movie turned out.


Most people watch TV and talking about K-dramas can be very interesting.

You want to build a connection with the people around you and talking about something popular or trendy is a good way to start a conversation.

Be ready to continue talking by using the phrases shared in today’s episode.

Consuming content, either via books, podcasts or TV can give you a pool of topics to talk about.

Sharing your input or take on certain events and topics that are current will make conversations more interesting.

What is the latest K-drama you’ve watched?

Share it in the comments below and let’s create a watchlist together.

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